What Does an Allergic Reaction Look Like?

When it comes to parenting, you need to be ready for any scenario that may arise with your baby. One unfortunate, but relatively common scenario is an allergic reaction to food. Hopefully this never happens, but it is possible given the growing number of people who are susceptible. About 15 million people across the UnitedContinue reading “What Does an Allergic Reaction Look Like?”

Can Eczema Put My Baby at a Higher Risk?

Babies with eczema are at a significantly higher risk of developing food allergies. In order to help prevent allergies, you can build their immunity to potentially harmful foods. By introducing allergens at an early age, you will lower your baby with eczema’s chance of getting a food allergy.

3 Important Questions Parents Should Ask about Food Allergies

In recent years, food allergies have become increasingly more widespread. The best illustration of this increase in food allergies can be seen at American schools.  Imagine walking into an American school cafeteria at lunch time. One thing that would immediately stand out to you is that there would probably be designated a table for studentsContinue reading “3 Important Questions Parents Should Ask about Food Allergies”